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The light-powered keyboard works where you do-your house, your office, your hotel room. It charges itself with lamplight or sunlight, indoors or outdoors. And on a full charge it works for at least three months-even in total darkness. Which means that you can say good-bye to battery hassles.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Familiar Mac layout: All the keys are exactly where you expect them to be, including music and brightness controls, command keys and the eject key. And it all works right out of the box. No software installation required. Feel-good typing: Combining the best of traditional keyboards, laptops and a Logitech-only concave key cap design, you'll enjoy faster, quieter, feel-good typing-hour after hour.

Advanced 2. But all of the models have something in common: two strips of solar cells along that top edge.

UNBOXING & REVIEW : Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard - Best Keyboard for Mac!

In that case, you may want to occasionally put the keyboard on your desk when you head out for lunch. How do you know if the keyboard is getting enough light? The keyboard sports a Check Light button, just above the numeric keypad and next to happy-face and sad-face icons, for checking the light level.

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Press this button, and if the keyboard is getting enough light to charge its battery, a green LED next to the happy face lights up; if not, you see a red light next to the sad face. When you first launch Solar App, it will ask if you want to enable the app to open when you press the Check Light key. If you click Enable, the app runs a background process that watches for this keypress and then automatically launches the app.

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In addition, the keyboard automatically turns off if, for example, a key is depressed for longer than a few minutes. This prevents the keyboard from transmitting that keypress perpetually and thus draining the battery. The K comes with a three-year warranty, so if the battery goes south sooner than that, you may be entitled to a free replacement.

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Novel power features out of the way, the K for Mac is thin but solid. At 17 inches wide and 6. While a flat, or even sloping-away, orientation is often the best ergonomic setup, two pop-out legs let you raise the back edge of the K by three quarters of an inch. The K includes the full complement of standard Mac-keyboard keys in their expected locations: Command, Option, and Control keys on each side of the space bar; directional-arrow keys in the inverted-T arrangement; a full numeric keypad; and F1 through F15 keys though, oddly, the Eject key is located between F12 and F You even get a Mac-friendly fn key instead of the dreaded Help key.

General Features

As with an Apple keyboard, you can choose in Keyboard preferences whether these special functions are the default or require the fn key. Speaking of trends, the K is the latest example of the shift towards mono-space key layouts.

This makes touch-typing considerably more difficult than the traditional layout, where the F-keys are arranged groups of four, with the entire row separated from the main keyboard area by a wider space.