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The add-in will appear on the extreme right of the Ribbon. Click the add-in button and a sidebar appears on the side of your document. Use the Store pane to browse for add-ins and install them. All installed add-ins will be listed under My Add-Ins. As in the download from the website, the add-in appears as a button on the Ribbon.

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All free and purchased add-ins are part of your Microsoft account. The Manage My Add-ins link on the window will also take you to a page where you can see more details. In the Office Add-ins window, click the menu option three dots for the specific add-in and click on Remove. With this basic process covered, let us move on to select a few choice add-ins that can set you up for productivity.

Also, the focus of the list is on free add-ins.

A few excellent add-ins with trial accounts have been thrown into the mix to demonstrate how you can extend Word when your needs demand it. Writing Assistant is an artificial intelligence powered text checker that flags errors in your grammar. It claims to adapt to your context and offer suggestions.

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You can use the gallery of equations in Word or manually type it out or use Ink Equation. If this seems like hard work, try the MyScript Math Sample add-in now. Use the side panel to write an equation with a finger, stylus, or the mouse. The add-in supports more than symbols. Thanks to real-time handwriting recognition, your input is instantly converted to a clear typed equation. There could be a calculator sitting in your taskbar. But Handy Calculator saves you a few seconds as it works alongside your open Word document in a task pane.

The calculator supports all common functions and the usual memory keys to recall any value stored in memory. If you work a lot with Word and Excel, then use the Select button for quick cell calculations. Writing is a lonely job and sometimes you just have a word count to aim for. This simple add-in does this well by allowing you to set a countdown timer or a word count goal.

A Write with Others setting nudges your motivation with a live word count of other users or your team. It can be a college essay or a research paper. You have to refer to abbreviations and write them in a specific way. This handy add-in makes sure you do it correctly. It produces a table of abbreviations with their definitions in your document and mentions any undefined ones.

Microsoft Word has a nice Icons gallery on the Ribbon to help you communicate with symbols. Symbol Search has a categorized lineup and a handy search box to find a unique symbol. Click on More three-dot menu option and find the registered symbol, double asterisks, subscript numbers etc. Vertex42 specializes in templates for Word and Excel and it shows in the variety they offer. The collection of documents is organized in neat categories that cover personal, educational, and professional templates. Also: Look at Spreadsheet and its collection of templates for Word and Excel. Word clouds add a visual element to any document or presentation.

It can also help summarize the core idea of any document for your readers. Pickit is a stock illustration site that can complement your documents with beautiful photos and clipart. PowerPoint designs aside, you can create impactful Word documents too by breaking up text with a photo that sends a visual message. Also: Looking for a completely free alternative with Creative Commons licensed photos? Try the excellent Word add-in that sources images from Pexels.

Word can open PDF files and even edit them. Edit, sign, and share the files again from the same window within Word. No one wants to be called a plagiarist. And Copyleaks has built its reputation as a search engine for avoiding that charge. The cloud based app uses its algorithms to scan any document and ensure its integrity. Copyleaks also supports multiple languages.

The Word add-in allows you to scan 10 pages a month for free. If you are a heavy user, then go for an additional purchase. Key Benefit: Draw flowcharts, mockups, mind maps, and business process charts easily. Sometimes, a flowchart or a business process diagram can make a complex concept simpler.

Lucidchart is an industry leading software that offers this add-in for Word users. Use the library of shapes and lines to quickly create your own diagrams. The learning curve is shallow. Lucidchart also supports collaboration and version control. You can download the add-in for free and create a limited number of free documents. Additional upgrades need to be purchased. Key Benefit: Sign or request eSignatures for important documents without leaving Word. Digital signatures have become foolproof and legally binding identification tools for critical documents.

In many countries, they are the same as physical signatures on paper documents. Sign in with your Office , Microsoft, or DocuSign account. Email a completed copy of the signed documents, automatically save them in DocuSign, or on a cloud platform for collaboration. DocuSign offers a free trial sign and send 5 documents with a Microsoft account and 10 documents with an Office account. Qorus is a business document builder. It works seamlessly across Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint to create personalized business documents like request for proposals, pitches, and NDAs. Qorus includes tools that can quickly create fresh documents from templates, answer queries with a bank of reusable content, and even collaborate on documents with a team.

Qorus is a bid and proposal management solution on its own. The advantages can outweigh the costs if your enterprise needs it. You can also allow the audience to make comparisons and see the meaning behind the trends of the numbers in an easy manner. That was a great tool and a great help, but Excel offers you something even better: Recommended Charts tool. I have provided all the common types I know about.

Printable Forms in Excel will allow you to edit your data in structured format and fill the information quickly. You do not need special permissions to use the spreadsheet nor do you need to allow it any access to your bank account. Click OK buttons twice and there you have nice bar charts plotting actual and target figures on multi-category axis. Excel does not offer this feature by default.

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Chart templates are on hand via the Charts menu at the click of a button…. Buy Now Free Trial. Enter your name and email in the form below and download the free template now!. Alternatively, use this template to record results by a bracket for sports competitions or other contests. We can save all the formatting options and settings to a Chart Template, and then apply the template to any new or existing chart.

For more Excel templates, check out this handy article. Try also the free Tools we found on the web. Each slice is labeled with a percentage and section title. This template is prepared for evaluating different suppliers on the critical quality features. Choosing the right type of chart or graph can be key to convey the most important insights of your data—on sight.

Hotel-style training rooms available for rent. Vast majority of spreadsheet templates on this page are created with purpose to become a solution for practically any occasion in your life, whether your are moving home or placing kids to college, getting ready for. If an Excel or user opens a file with the new Excel charts embedded, they will not only not see the actual chart but will instead see a warning:.

They have researched the best Excel accounting templates out there and included them in a list ready for downloading. Excel is a great tool for rolling your own sprint burn down graph or you can just take mine.

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The site includes video lessons, tutorials and information to help improve your Excel skills. Click the Project Settings icon in the Gantt chart header to ensure the Gantt chart is using the correct columns for start and end date. Excel , Excel , Excel ; In this article Summary. For the sake convenience, click here to download the Cluster Stack Chart Template.

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