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Read More as an example, take a look at this one from Vertex You enter the normal details at the top such as name, department, and company information. Then, add in the project names, optional codes, and total number of hours per day. You can use the sections at the bottom for holiday, vacation, sick leave, or personal leave if needed.

And there are spots for signatures at the end of the timesheet. If you want to track daily hours for the month per project, this is a good way to go.

Mac Time Tracking App Reviews Summary

Maybe you need a weekly or biweekly timesheet with breaks in the day. For instance, if you work a split shift you may enter hours worked in the morning and again in the evening. This template from Vertex42 is the one you want for that situation and has tabs for both weekly and biweekly work schedules.

Using the same format for the time shown in the template, enter your times in and out. The spreadsheet will automatically update regular hours at the end of the row and calculate your total pay based on your rate and hours. You can also enter hours for holidays, vacations, and sick time. For those who need a weekly timesheet with lunch breaks in minutes, this one from CalculateHours. You just enter your log in and log out times and the total number of hours and minutes for your lunch break.

You will see your total daily hours at the end of the row, total monthly hours at the bottom, and your total pay once you enter your dollar amount into the rate section. For a clean and basic template, this gets it done. Many companies use military time and this one from CalculateHours.

Titled Excel Weekly — Military Time, just enter the hours and minutes when you log in and log out. As with the other templates from CalculateHours. This is convenient for a fast view of your pay per day and week. If you need a weekly military timesheet that includes lunch breaks, use this option, also from CalculateHours. Aside from the inclusion of the lunch break, this template differs from the other military time-based one in that you enter hours and minutes as decimals. If both breaks and decimals are what you need and you like the convenience of automatic calculations, you get it all with this great template.

Simple Time Sheet In Excel

Even though we have listed a dozen different timesheet templates here, there are even more out there that get quite specific. Some sites offer templates for multiple employees, people who work night shifts, and even those solely for project work.

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And if you need a simple time tracker instead of a timesheet, check out these digital time tracking tools for Android 4 Excellent Free Time-Tracking Tools [Android] 4 Excellent Free Time-Tracking Tools [Android] No matter who you are, time is an incredibly important commodity. Read More. Is there a timesheet template that you need that we have not covered here? If so, let us know in the comments below! Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

Hi, I am after a timesheet that tracks employees overtime only. So I just want to track any time in lieu that they build up and use. I do not want to include normal hours and I need it on a running total. A time sheet for independent contractors where you can log your hours and add comments on the work done for those hours.

Top Deals. Here Are 12! Sandy Writtenhouse November 2, 6 minutes. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. OfficeTime is a native time tracking application that is compatible with the Mac, the iPad, and the iPhone.

It can be downloaded from the App Store, buy once, and comes with a day full-refund satisfaction guarantee. The app is easy to use and has an export feature to Excel or any other spreadsheet. Some of its features include expense tracking, summary graphs, and invoicing.

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OfficeTime provides quick access, so users can change timings without leaving their current program. A Windows version is also available with 21 days free trial period. Harvest is a popular creator of time tracking software. Aside from web and mobile device versions, it also offers an app for the Mac computer. Users can download the application from the App Store, or directly from the Harvest for Mac page. An account is required, which can be created online.

What is Clockify

The app also requires OS X It has high visibility, which sits on the menu bar, works with hotkeys to instantly start a timer, and detects idle time as well. A fully functional version can be tested for 30 days. A free plan that includes for 2 projects is available as well as Solo and Team premium plans with unlimited projects. Toggl is another time tracking and employee timesheet software that runs across different computer platforms, including the Mac. The desktop app is an open source project that can be downloaded directly from the website, but is also available on the App Store.

With this Mac application, users can easily add projects, track time, and display time entries individually or in grouped entries. Manual time entry and editing is possible. To use the software, users must create an account online. Mac native apps are designed to take full advantage of its specific hardware.

Tracking Time on a Mac? Here Are the 18 Best Apps of 12222

As such, these computers are reliable resources in any team or individual project endeavor. Our top 5 list of time tracking tools is a short list, and many are still available depending on and according to personal or team preferences. Timely is a cross-platform time tracking and timesheet software that runs also on MacOS, iPhone, and iPad, among others.

It can be used by teams and freelancers to track time for billing purposes, for payroll, or to increase productivity. It has a familiar and easy-to-use interface that requires no training.

Timely integrates with calendar apps to minimize double entry. Other features include logging time by activity or phase, a single overview page to see who forgot to log time, powerful reporting that exports to Excel and PDF, 3rd party integrations, and more. A day free trial period is available, then monthly or yearly subscription afterwards.

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